Best Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to beauty products, you definitely want to get the best. If you are looking for the best nail polishes for the money, it helps to know which are considered the best brands on the market. Some of these are pricier than others, but in the long run, you will probably think they are worth it. Here are the best nail polish brands.

Red Carpet Manicure is one of the more expensive nail polish brands, but its LED Gel Polish is amazing. It offers you testers, the base coat, gel polish, topcoat and even remover. The entire system is $60 and is available at Ulta Beauty. You can enjoy this nail polish without chipping for a full two weeks.

RGB Nail Color is an excellent brand of nail polish that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals added. This means you get a great nail polish that is free of DBT and formaldehyde. Although those additives are supposedly to keep nail polish last longer, RGB Nail Color, which is available for $18, doesn’t need them at all, as it will last chip free for as long as a week.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer is available in a wide range of colors — 16, to be exact. It costs $35 per bottle and is available at Bloomingdale’s. The color choices from this brand really pop and are sure to please any nail polish fan.

Opi Nail Lacquer is one of the cheapest nail polish brands you can buy. They cost $10 at Ulta Beauty and are long lasting at more than a week. Perhaps best of all, this brand is also available in as many as 200 colors. Dark hues apply evenly and sheer colors don’t streak.

Nail Glitter for Every Purpose

Adding glitter to your manicure can add flair to an everyday color, or even make your nails pop for a special occasion. While everyone can apply a clear glitter top coat, there is a whole world of nail glitter available. Read on to find out how to apply nail glitter for every purpose.

<strong>Glitter Top Coat</strong>
While the regular brush for top coat with get some glitter on your nails, try using a make-up sponge to apply for more glitter coverage. Cover the surrounding skin with Vaseline to prevent extra nail polish from sticking. Then paint a drop of glitter coat onto the edge of a make-up sponge, then press several times onto each nail. You’ll end up with a dense, even coating of glitter that fully covers the nail.

Some of the top rated glitter top coats are <a href=””>Fairy Dust</a> by China Glaze, <a href=”″>Luxeffects Top Coat</a> by essie, and <a href=””>Watch it Glitter</a> by Orly.

<strong>Glitter Dust or Powder</strong>
For a smaller area of glitter coverage, you can use glitter dust along with a regular top coat to choose your areas of coverage. Apply clear top coat wherever you want glitter, then dip the entire nail into the pot of nail dust, then brush off any excess with a make-up brush.

For a high quality glitter dust, check out <a href=”″>this jewel collection</a> available in a variety of colors.
For an assortment of colors, try <a href=”″>Pixie Dust</a>.

Natural Nail Polish Options

There are a lot of gross chemicals in standard nail polishes, such as formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which aren’t good for you or the environment. Since more people have been hopping on the eco-friendly band wagon, companies and individuals have been searching and making different options that are both friendly for you and friendly for the earth!

First Option: 3-Free
-3-Free nail polishes are made without the known carcinogens formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). They still have some not nice stuff in them, but it lessens the gross chemicals hanging out on your fingers and gives the same performance as standard nail polishes.

Second Option: 5-Free
-5-Free nail polishes exclude what 3-free polishes do along with the chemicals camphor and formaldehyde resin. Less junk and all of the color and shine!

The downside with some 3- and 5- free polishes is that some companies will replace the chemicals they don’t include with other toxic ones. It’s definitely an area to do your research! There are also some newer companies that have come out with water-based polishes.

Third Option: Homemade Nail Polish
-For all of the experimental DIY’ers! Most recipes have a plant base oil, a natural colorant (such as a clay, henna, berries, roots, etc), and beeswax. The advantages are the ability to totally customize your nail polish and they are super moisturizing with the natural oils and beeswax! The disadvantages are they take a long time to dry, don’t last as long, and can stain your nails the color of the polish.

So many options, so little time! Remember, always do your research. Many companies will put a label of “natural” on their cosmetics even though the products don’t have any eco or health benefits.

Nail Fashion: What’s Hot

During fall and winter of 2016, expect to see these nail trends becoming extremely fashionable:

Shorter, Rounder Nails
The long, talon-like claws of past years are finally going out of style. Most of the runway shows for the upcoming seasons featured short, rounded nails instead. Square shapes were almost nonexistent, and oval, round, and almond shapes are getting far more popular.

Dark Polish
It is no surprise that darker shades start to get more popular in the fall and winter, but this year, many nail artists are taking it one step further. Unusual, dark neutrals such as chocolate brown and charcoal grey are starting to gain traction.

Crystal Embellishments
Instead of going with all over glitter, trendy people who want to add some sparkle to their nails are using crystals and rhinestones glued on to create a dainty bit of flashiness.

Nails that look like metal are becoming increasingly trendy, and silver is more popular than gold, bronze, and copper. Artists are using chrome stickers to create a mirror finish.

Negative Space
A lot of popular nail art lately has been playing around with leaving part of the nail bare. A simple stripe or dot of nail left unpainted adds an edgy punch to any manicure.

5 Nail Polishes for Your Best Manicure Ever

1. Red Carpet Manicure

These gel polishes are a little on the pricey side to start with but last for two weeks without chipping or peeling! Spend a little extra for the system once and you’ll save lots on salon visits in the long run.

2. RGB Nail Color

This polish brand is free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and DBT, so you can feel good about using it on you or even your kids. Though those chemicals are usually used to make polish last, this brand still stays on chip-free for up to a week! Plus it comes in 32 shades to match whatever mood you’re in.

3. Nails, Inc.

These super shiny polishes don’t even need a top coat! Paint on two layers for a long-lasting, shiny nail look. This brand has over 150 shades, too!

4. OPI Nail Laquer

This brand is both affordable and fashionable. It also lasts over a week, a rarity with regular (not gel) polishes. With over 200 shades, you’ll never have to wear the same mani twice.

5. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color

These polishes are shimmery, girly, and have lots of staying power. Plus they strengthen your nails against cracking and splitting.

New and Easy Nail Polish Ideas

Are you tired of having one-tone nails, but feel like nail design are too difficult? There are many nail designs that look great and are easy to make! Grab your favorite colors and try these out!

Polka dot nails are super cute and easy to make. All you need is a dotting tool and some nail polish. Apply a base color and then add some dots! You can add dots all over your nails or you can also make patterns with the dots.

Gradient nails are on trend right now. They look super complicated, but are actually very simple to do. All you need is a makeup sponge and some nail polish colors. Apply the nail polish to the makeup sponge. Dab the sponge onto your nails until desired opacity has been achieved.

If you’re in the mood for nail art, but don’t want to paint all ten nails, then you’re in luck. Accent nails have been extremely popular recently. Paint all your nails, except for your ring finger nails, a color of your choice. You can add anything to your accent nails.

Once you try these nail designs out, you will have the intricate nails you have always wanted.

Why Everyone Should Look Into Nail Tattoos

Nail tattoos are an easy and fun way to make a fashion statement. A fresh coat of nail polish is awesome, but adding a unique tattoo that fits the occasion is even better! Can’t you imagine how great you’ll look great cheering for your team when you’re wearing your team’s logo on every fingernail? Wave your hands around and let the Jumbotron catch you sharing your team spirit!

Nail tattoos are a great way to add pop to your nails at the last minute without needing an entire manicure too. Night out? Add a few sparkly nail tattoos and you’re ready to hit the town. You can even use your nail tattoos to celebrate a special occasion. Get all the girls matching nail tattoos for your Girls’ Night Out and bond the night away.

Different brands may have different instructions to apply and remove, but it’s simple to do. The best part of all is that nail tattoos are temporary. You can change up your nail tattoos to match your mood and your style at any time!

You can find all kinds of nail art to sport on those fingertips, from popular cartoon characters, to beautiful florals and team mascots. There’s a cute accent available out there to meet everyone’s interest.

How to Apply Nail Stickers

Nail stickers add a sophisticated flair to your nails. They are fun and can really enable you to express yourself in a fun and creative way. Here is how to properly apply nail stickers so that they look their best.

You should first get a good manicure without polish. This ensures that your nails are freshly filed and shaped. If you are adept at doing this yourself, go for it. If you prefer going to a professional nail salon, do so but make sure to skip the base coat as it prevents nail stickers from adhering. Avoid using lotion on your hands as well. You may also want to apply nail polish remover to your nails prior to applying nail stickers so that any residue is removed.

Apply a nail sticker to the nail bed. Use scissors to cut the sticker down to size if necessary to get it to the appropriate size and shape. Peel the sticker from its backing and place it on the nail as close as possible to the cuticle. Smooth the sticker along the nail from one end to the other. Heat the lacquer of the sticker using a hair dryer. This allows it to essentially melt into the nail.

Use an emory board to file away at the extra portion of the nail sticker. The heavier the grit of the file, the easier it is to perform this task. Smooth out all of the edges. Once you have done that, you will want to add a top coat to your nails to give it a shiny finish. Reuse the hair dryer technique to any nail stickers that start to come off. The heating and smoothing process will ensure that they stay in place on the nail bed.