Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Chanukah Inspired Manicure

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a Chanukah inspired mani! So first off, I want to wish a Happy Chanukah to those of you who celebrate!

As much as I abhor nail art, I wanted to attempt something at least slightly artsy for this theme and I had a particular idea in mind for my inspiration. While she was not Jewish herself, my Aunt Ruth Ann had a strong interest in and admiration for Jewish traditions and customs. She's no longer with us, but I have fond memories of playing dreidel with her when I was little. I wanted to incorporate something involving dreidel into my Chanukah inspired mani that I could (hopefully) pull off with my limited art skills.

If you're never played dreidel, you spin the dreidel and each side it can land on has a different letter--shin, gimel, nun and hay--that determines what you do on your turn. There's a prize pot (usually chocolate coins) and you either take from or pay into it based on your spin. If you spin the dreidel and it lands on gimel, then you win the entire pot.

Gimel=mad cash (most likely chocolate) money
I decided to paint gimel on my ring finger as an accent nail, then cover the rest of my nails with sparklies. Chanukah is the festival of lights, after all! ;)

My base color was Essie Mesmerized (a birthday gift from my fabulous Twinsie Amanda), which I topped off with OPI Spark de Triomphe. I painted gimel with Sally Hansen White On. My gimel turned out a little wonky, but I was still very pleased with this mani, since it's associated with some happy memories. :)
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  1. Oh I love that you used Mesmerize for this mani! And your Aunt Ruth Ann sounds like she was one interesting chic ;)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I was trying to come up with a good blue for my base and that seemed the perfect option! And yes, Ruth Ann was a really special lady. I still miss her. :)

  2. These are awesome! :D Gorgeous polish choices too!! :D

  3. Love it! Though it looks simple, I find it still classy. Great job on this mani.

  4. Dig you, busting out the nail art, Chelsea! I love it all the more for knowing about the wonderful memories it holds. ^_^

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I think the memories behind it are my favorite part of this mani. :)


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