5 Nail Polishes for Your Best Manicure Ever

1. Red Carpet Manicure

These gel polishes are a little on the pricey side to start with but last for two weeks without chipping or peeling! Spend a little extra for the system once and you’ll save lots on salon visits in the long run.

2. RGB Nail Color

This polish brand is free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and DBT, so you can feel good about using it on you or even your kids. Though those chemicals are usually used to make polish last, this brand still stays on chip-free for up to a week! Plus it comes in 32 shades to match whatever mood you’re in.

3. Nails, Inc.

These super shiny polishes don’t even need a top coat! Paint on two layers for a long-lasting, shiny nail look. This brand has over 150 shades, too!

4. OPI Nail Laquer

This brand is both affordable and fashionable. It also lasts over a week, a rarity with regular (not gel) polishes. With over 200 shades, you’ll never have to wear the same mani twice.

5. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color

These polishes are shimmery, girly, and have lots of staying power. Plus they strengthen your nails against cracking and splitting.

Image: Bigstockphoto.com / Dmytro Flisak