Nail Fashion: What’s Hot

During fall and winter of 2016, expect to see these nail trends becoming extremely fashionable:

Shorter, Rounder Nails

The long, talon-like claws of past years are finally going out of style. Most of the runway shows for the upcoming seasons featured short, rounded nails instead. Square shapes were almost nonexistent, and oval, round, and almond shapes are getting far more popular.

Dark Polish

It is no surprise that darker shades start to get more popular in the fall and winter, but this year, many nail artists are taking it one step further. Unusual, dark neutrals such as chocolate brown and charcoal grey are starting to gain traction.

Crystal Embellishments

Instead of going with all over glitter, trendy people who want to add some sparkle to their nails are using crystals and rhinestones glued on to create a dainty bit of flashiness.


Nails that look like metal are becoming increasingly trendy, and silver is more popular than gold, bronze, and copper. Artists are using chrome stickers to create a mirror finish.

Negative Space

A lot of popular nail art lately has been playing around with leaving part of the nail bare. A simple stripe or dot of nail left unpainted adds an edgy punch to any manicure.

Image: / IvanRiver