Nail Glitter for Every Purpose

Adding glitter to your manicure can add flair to an everyday color, or even make your nails pop for a special occasion. While everyone can apply a clear glitter top coat, there is a whole world of nail glitter available. Read on to find out how to apply nail glitter for every purpose.

Glitter Top Coat

While the regular brush for top coat with get some glitter on your nails, try using a make-up sponge to apply for more glitter coverage. Cover the surrounding skin with Vaseline to prevent extra nail polish from sticking. Then paint a drop of glitter coat onto the edge of a make-up sponge, then press several times onto each nail. You’ll end up with a dense, even coating of glitter that fully covers the nail.

Some of the top rated glitter top coats are by China Glaze, Luxeffects Top Coat by essie, and Watch it Glitter by Orly.

Glitter Dust or Powder

For a smaller area of glitter coverage, you can use glitter dust along with a regular top coat to choose your areas of coverage. Apply clear top coat wherever you want glitter, then dip the entire nail into the pot of nail dust, then brush off any excess with a make-up brush.

For a high quality glitter dust, check out the jewel collectionby glitties – available in a variety of colors.

For an assortment of colors, try Pixie Dust.